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Dog Groomer FAQs For First-Time Puppy Parents

by Dean Oliver

As the proud new dog parent you likely want to make your pet's health and hygiene a top priority. To this end, regular grooming is a necessity to ensure your dog is healthy, comfortable, and clean. The following can help answer the questions you likely have about grooming your pet.

How often do dogs need to be groomed?

Several variables affect the frequency of grooming. Short-haired dogs that don't spend a lot of time outdoors, for example, may only require a professional grooming every other month. Dogs with long hair, those that spend a lot of time outdoors, and those with breed-standard cuts may require monthly grooming appointments. Your groomer will work with you to develop a schedule that meets your dog's breed and lifestyle needs.

What does the groomer do during the appointment?

The appointment usually begins with a full brushing. This ensures any mats are removed before bathing. After brushing, the dog is bathed and their fur is trimmed or clipped, if necessary. Next, the groomer cleans your dog's ears, brushes their teeth, and trims their nails. Some dog breeds are prone to blockages in their anal glands, so your groomer may also express and clean the gland area thoroughly.

What is "breed standard?"

One phrase you are likely to encounter when looking for a groomer is "breed standard." There are fur grooming styles that are put forth by the major show breed organizations, such as the AKC. If you want your dog's appearance to meet show standards, then you need to find a groomer that offers breed-standard grooming. Keep in mind that many breed-standard cuts do take more frequent grooming sessions to maintain.

How can one groom a nervous dog?

Some dogs are simply nervous about grooming, which can cause them to cower or even nip out of fear. Although any dog can suffer grooming anxiety, rescue pups may be more prone to it if they came from rough beginnings. If you have a nervous dog, it is important to find a groomer that has experience in calming anxious pups. Mobile grooming services that perform the job in your home may set your pet at ease. Your pet may also be more comfortable if you are allowed to be there during the grooming.

Are there other services to look for with a groomer?

Some groomers provide additional services, up to and including flea and tick treatments, skunk odor removal, and even dog training. If you think you will need additional services, shop around for a groomer that can provide for your dog's specific needs.

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