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4 Tips To Help You Choose A German Shepherd

by Dean Oliver

German Shepherds are highly valued for their intelligence, beauty, and loyalty. These dogs can be protectors and lifelong friends. Here are four tips that will help you choose the best German Shepherd for your family:

1. Adopt a puppy.

It's possible to adopt dogs at any age. Unfortunately, older dogs may have learned bad habits. An untrained German Shepherd can be very difficult to live with because they're strong dogs with lots of energy. If you want to make sure your German Shepherd grows into a great companion for your family, adopt a puppy. Puppies can be easily trained, and a German Shepherd owned from a young age will be incredibly loyal.

2. Choose a dog from a healthy line.

Healthy puppies will likely grow into healthy adult dogs who will need less medical care throughout their lives. You can ensure you end up with a healthy puppy by doing your research before choosing a dog breeder. Good breeders prioritize the health of their animals. German Shepherds are prone to hip dysplasia due to the natural slope of their spines. Many breeders choose to get their dogs hip certified. This certification means their dogs have been checked by a vet who has guaranteed that they have healthy hips. When German Shepherds with healthy hips are bred, they're more likely to produce puppies with the same positive trait.

3. Allow the breeder to pick your puppy.

You may be tempted to choose your own puppy. However, in most cases, it's better to let the breeder choose for you. Breeders spend lots of time with their dogs. They get to know each puppy's personality as they grow. When you let your breeder pick a dog for you, they will be able to match a puppy to your family's specific needs. If you're hoping for an easygoing lap dog, they can give you the most mellow puppy from the litter. Someone who wants an exercise companion will be better off with a high energy puppy.

4. Take looks into consideration.

Temperament is the most important consideration when you're choosing a new dog. However, looks matter as well. There is often a waitlist for puppies before they're even born, which means you probably won't see your puppy before you bring them home. You can still get an idea of what your puppy will look like by looking at their parents. For instance, if you want a black German Shepherd puppy, you should purchase a puppy from a litter produced by parents with that coloration.