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How You Can Help Your Dog After Surgery: 3 Tips

by Dean Oliver

If your dog had to have surgery, no matter what kind, they are going to need you to take extra care of them. They are going to need your help to heal properly and go back to chasing after their favorite ball again in no time at all. Your dog is going to require round the clock care for a little while at least, and it's important to keep up with your dog's care. Read on for tips to help care for your dog after surgery.

1. Follow Doctor's Orders

Your dog's veterinarian is going to give you instructions after their surgery that you need to follow exactly. If your doctor tells you that your dog needs to wear an E-collar, the dog needs to wear it. The E-collar is usually used to prevent your dog from licking or biting at their wound to prevent it from opening up and to allow it to heal properly. If your dog is required to take medication, be sure you are giving your dog that medication as instructed, and continue to give it until you are told to stop. Follow your veterinarian's instructions and make sure to follow up with any appointments after the surgery.

2. Make Your Dog Comfortable

Be sure your dog is feeling comfortable after their surgery. If they aren't able to climb the stairs after their surgery, make them a bed on your main floor and even put up gates so they don't attempt to go up the stairs at all. Give your dog a soft and comfortable bed to lay on, as opposed to the floor. For a few days after your dog's surgery, they may not be up for too much and may sleep quite a bit. Allow them this time to sleep and to rest.

3. Be Sure Your Dog Is Drinking And Eating

Keep an eye on your dog after their surgery to be sure they are eating and drinking enough. If your dog isn't doing either, they could get dehydrated and end up even more ill after surgery. Also be sure your dog is urinating and is having bowel movements after surgery. If you aren't seeing any of these things from your dog, you need to call the veterinarian to see what you should do.

After your dog has surgery, they aren't going to feel well for at least a few days. They are going to need you to care for them to the best of your ability. Visit the animal hospital or talk to your veterinarian about what other things you can do to care for your dog.