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Living In A Rental? 3 Reasons To Invest In Routine Dog Grooming

by Dean Oliver

Renting an apartment or home usually requires that you pay a security deposit as well as the first months' rent before moving in. This means that you may want to do everything that you can to keep the rental in excellent condition so that you get your entire security deposit back. If you own a dog, you may know that they have the potential to cause a variety of issues in a home.

Investing in routine dog grooming will give you a lot of confidence while living in a rental.


If you have a dog that has a lot of hair and sheds often, you may find that their hair gets all over the place. When you own your home, you can invest in remodeling projects such as installing hard flooring that prevents dog hair from building up. While living in a rental with carpeting, you will appreciate dog grooming that minimizes how much of their hair comes off their body.

This will make a huge difference with keeping the carpet clean as well as other features such as ceiling fans and in all the nooks and crannies between furniture and decorations. Minimizing dog hair buildup will also help you when it comes to maintaining a neutral odor inside the rental.


When you do not trim your dog's nails, you may notice how easy it is for them to scratch hard surfaces and damage loop pile carpeting. If your dog happens to scratch the front door after you leave, you might notice their long nails causing noticeable scratches. These are problems that you can prevent from happening with routine dog grooming as it will include nail trimming.

Even if your dog does not need a haircut, you should keep up with routine grooming because making sure that their nails are always short will help you avoid damage to the rental.

Anal Glands

One of the included services that you should expect to get when it is needed is anal gland expression. This will come in handy while living in a rental with your dog because you may not notice that they need their anal glands expressed before they start rubbing on the carpeting.

If this happens while you are away from home, they could make a mess on the carpeting. While you can usually clean it up successfully, you may prefer to avoid the problem altogether.

As a dog owner, you will find that finding experienced dog groomers is worthwhile while living in a rental.