All Things Pets

Get Your House Ready for a Mini Labradoodle

by Dean Oliver

Before you pick up your mini labradoodle puppy from the breeder, you'll want to get your house ready. Preparedness can reduce the stress you experience when you get your puppy home so you can focus on bonding with your new pet. Here are four things you can do ahead of time

1. Pick up dangerous objects.

Puppies are highly inquisitive. Like babies, they investigate the world by exploring and putting things in their mouths. Examine your home the way a puppy might. Look for medication, sharp objects, and cleaning chemicals that your new mini labradoodle might get into. Remember to check your house plants too. Some plants are poisonous to dogs. When in doubt, put your plants up on the counter where your puppy can't get to them.

2. Prepare a crate.

Crate training is a wonderful thing you can do for a new dog. It can speed up the toilet training process and also calm nervous dogs. If you'd like to begin crate training, purchase a crate that's just large enough for your new puppy. Crates that are too big won't make your dog feel cozy, so don't buy a size up and expect your dog to grow into it. Place your dog's crate somewhere quiet in your home, away from the flow of foot traffic. Line the crate with soft blankets to make it a nice place to sleep. If your new puppy is particularly anxious, you can add a piece of clothing that smells like you or your puppy's mother to the crate.

3. Seal up holes in your fence.

Fenced-in yards are an excellent place for puppies to exercise. Before puppies get all their shots, the backyard is the safest place for them to use the restroom and play. Dogs that haven't had their parvovirus vaccines yet may catch it if they walk in areas that other dogs frequent. However, you'll need to make sure your backyard is puppy-proof. Mini labradoodle puppies are very small when they're young. They can slip through holes in your fence and wander off while exploring. Examine your fence before bringing your dog home. Patch any holes small enough for a puppy to fit through.

4. Advise your children.

Mini labradoodles are patient dogs that will grow into excellent family pets. However, like all dogs, they can still react negatively to rough play. Talk to your kids about the new puppy. Make sure they understand that they need to be gentle with their new pet.