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Is A Yorkie Puppy Right For You?

by Dean Oliver

There are several different types of dogs that have been bred over decades to be small, beautiful, and friendly. Of all these, the Yorkshire terrier (Yorkie for short) is quite possibly the most popular. Yorkie puppies for sale usually go at an incredible rate, for many different reasons which will be discussed further on. However, one thing is sure; if you are looking for a small, furry companion to keep you entertained and cared for, you are looking for a Yorkie.


As previously mentioned, Yorkshire Terriers are one of the most popular dog breeds in the toy category. Toy breeds are those that have been bred over the years to be small. Most Yorkies weigh under 7 lbs at their adult weight. That may seem tiny, but they actually come in a smaller size as well! Teacup Yorkies (which can actually fit in a teacup) can weigh anywhere from 2-4 lbs as adults. If you have a small apartment but still need the companionship of a dog, a Yorkie will fit perfectly into your world. 


Though their bodies may be tiny, Yorkies have a wonderfully large personality. As with many small dogs, there is a lot of personality packed into these little bodies. Yorkies are usually quite brave and independent, often becoming the boss of their domain. However, that does not mean that they are not sweet. These dogs are usually incredibly kind and loving to their owners, doting on them with all that their big personalities can offer. 


Since the fur of a Yorkie is closer to human hair than dog fur, these dogs are perfect for homes where someone may have an allergy. Yorkies lack an undercoat, so they shed no more than humans do. This makes them quite easy to care for, with only the occasional groomer appointment to keep them in shape. 


Yorkies are not the most active of dogs, though they are not couch potatoes either. They will enjoy their daily walk, though they can get by with a romp around the backyard instead. They will get riled up at times, but they usually calm down quickly. 

In conclusion, if you find a litter of Yorkie puppies for sale near you, do not hesitate to purchase one. You will love having a bright little furry companion for years to come. For more information about the Yorkshire Terrier, visit the American Kennel Club website, or find a Yorkie breeder near you.