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Just Brought in a Stray Cat? 3 Reasons to Visit the Vet Right Away

by Dean Oliver

Adopting a stray cat can be a great opportunity for bringing home a new pet and providing some much-needed help for them. Instead of being overwhelmed by all of the necessary care that your cat will need, it's smart to see how visiting the vet can resolve a lot of your worries and ensure that your cat is well taken care of from the very beginning.

Check for Fleas and Worms

The most important thing to do after you've adopted a stray cat and start bringing them indoors is simply making sure that they don't have fleas or worms. This can be a real problem for stray cats, so having a vet look them over and treat them as needed can ensure that your cat isn't going to have these kinds of issues. This is especially important if you have any other pets or you intend on keeping your cat indoors exclusively.

Get Vaccines Started

With a stray cat, there is a good chance that the cat has never been vaccinated before. Since some states even require it by law, you need to make sure that your cat gets all the necessary vaccines once they become a pet.

Since you want to make sure that your cat gets the necessary care as soon as you've adopted them, vaccines can do a lot to prevent harmful diseases and other issues from ever being a problem. This is so important to do when you have a stray cat since you likely won't be familiar with whether they're already vaccinated or what order they should be done in.

Take Care of the Spay or Neuter

With a stray cat, getting them spayed or neutered can be so important since you want to prevent them from reproducing. After adopting a stray, you may even qualify for savings since many vets want to make sure that strays aren't producing kittens. Scheduling this procedure can ensure that any preliminary work is taken care of so that your cat can be altered without a problem.

Adopting a stray cat can require a bit of extra work to make sure that they are healthy since they likely haven't gotten the necessary medical attention throughout their life. Considering the above services and making sure to find a vet that can handle some of the potential issues that can affect stray cats and can ensure that your cat will be in good hands. Contact services like Center-Sinai Animal Hospital to learn more.