All Things Pets

How to Deal With Your Pet's Aggression

by Dean Oliver

If former reservations about adopting a dog that is a breed known for its aggressive tendencies have been disregarded and you are now beginning to notice signs of aggression whenever you play with your pet or when your pet is around unfamiliar faces, you may be wary about over-stimulation or spending time at outdoor venues where other pet owners and dogs spend time. With dog obedience lessons in your area, you will be able to curb the negative behavior that your pet is exhibiting.

A Lack Of Discipline May Be Escalating Things

A young puppy can be molded into an obedient pet through the use of commands, hand gestures, and an affirmative voice. If you failed to train your pet when you first adopted it or if you half-heartedly attempted to teach your dog to obey you, your pet is purely acting out of instinct and is not aware that their negative behavior is wrong. Through dog obedience lessons, you will be taught the proper way to approach your pet, how to integrate your pet with other people and animals, and how to set up a structured atmosphere at home. That way, your pet will feel secure. With structure, your dog will be aware of what to expect. This can go a long way in easing negative behaviors, which can be a result of your pet being scared or feeling threatened. 

Your Dog May Be Receptive To Small Changes

During lessons, a trainer will work one-on-one with your pet. It will be kept away from anything that could be a distraction. Simple commands and a reward system may go far with getting your pet to listen. You can use the very same strategies when you are at home with your pet. Try to avoid yelling at your dog and be mindful of your movements, since acting in an irate fashion can have a negative impact on how your dog reacts. During occasions in which your pet is obedient, pet them and tell them that they did a good job.

A small treat can also be given to provide positive reinforcement. Because your pet may not instantly correct their behavior and there will still be the risk of your dog biting a stranger or another pet, make small changes in your routine, until you are confident that biting won't be an issue. A fabric muzzle is a product that you may want to provide for your pet since this accessory will ensure that your dog cannot nip at anyone whenever taking your pet for a walk.