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Tips To Help You Successfully Board Your Dog

by Dean Oliver

For most dog owners, their pup is a beloved member of the family. However, there are situations where a person needs to travel for business or pleasure and a dog cannot accompany them. If you're going to be going out of town soon, it is important to find the right pet boarding facility to care for your dog while you are gone. Once you know the exact dates that you will be traveling, it is a good idea to begin making arrangements for boarding your canine companion. Use the following tips to help you successful board your dog while traveling:

Visit Boarding Facilities in Person

It is never a good idea to book a stay for your dog at a boarding facility just based on a website. Before you commit to a booking or pay a deposit, it is best to visit a few different boarding facilities in your area to see if they are a good fit for your dog. A reputable boarding facility should not have any issue with giving prospective clients a tour. When touring the facility, pay attention to cleanliness, how the staff is interacting with the animals in their care, and how the animals are acting. 

Consider the Amenities Available

Almost no dog owner wants their pup to spend all day in a kennel alone while being boarded. The good news is that most pet boarding facilities now offer a number of amenities to ensure that pets are more comfortable and stimulated. When looking for a pet boarding facility for your dog, consider the size of the kennel are your dog will sleep in, the types of beds provided, and extras that are available, such as grooming and doggy daycare during the day where your dog will be able to run and play with other dogs.

Make Sure Your Dog is Ready

Before dropping your pet off at the boarding facility, make sure that he or she is ready for their stay. It is a good idea to consult your dog's vet to ensure that they are up to date on all of the necessary vaccinations. You should also pack enough food for your dog's stay. While some boarding facilities include providing food during your dog's stay, it is best to feed them their normal food to help prevent stomach issues. You should also pack your dog's favorite toy, as well as a towel or blanket that smells like home for them to sleep with. 

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