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Is Pet Microchipping an Essential Veterinarian Service?

by Dean Oliver

When you think of veterinarian services, you likely envision vaccinations, emergency care, pet boarding, grooming, and so on. Not many pet owners will automatically think of pet microchipping, which can be attributed to the fact that some people assume this type of vet service is too costly, which is incorrect. Admittedly, pet microchips were expensive in years past and, as such, were a staple for wealthy pet owners.

However, as technology evolves, pet microchips have become readily accessible and, as such, are now financially accessible to a majority of the public. Take note, though, pet microchips are not merely a status symbol. These devices offer a host of benefits that will prove invaluable for the safety of your animal. If you have been under the impression that a name collar will suffice, consider the following reasons why pet microchipping should be considered an essential veterinarian service.

A Pet Microchip Can Track a Lost Animal

Pets could end up leaving your residential property for an array of reasons. Most commonly, a new pet that is unfamiliar with its surroundings could try to escape in an attempt to go back to its previous environment. Alternatively, pets that have not been neutered or spayed could wander away from your home in an attempt to find another animal to mate with. You should also know that pets could end up running away simply because they are bored.

Whatever the reason, locating a pet that has wandered off without a microchip can prove to be a herculean task since it is virtually impossible to retrace their steps. To avoid undue heartache for your family, it is best to seek veterinarian services for pet microchipping. These devices can be outfitted with GPS technology that will make it easy to track your animal in real-time, which increases the likelihood of recovering your lost pet.

A Pet Microchip Can Be Linked to Medical Records

The second reason why you should seek veterinarian services for pet microchipping is to ensure you have your animal's medical records at your fingertips. A misconception that some pet owners have is they will always have their animal's medical records when they need them, but this is untrue. As an example, you could enroll your animal in pet boarding as you go away on vacation only for your pet to fall ill while under the care of the boarding facility.

In this scenario, the pet boarding facility would need your animal's medical records to ensure they do not administer medications that could lead to an adverse interaction. When your pet is microchipped, their medical records can be accessed remotely as long as one has the required credentials. You can rest assured that your animal will receive the care they require without the risk of harm.